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Bulgaria is a country in Southeast Europe. The capital and largest city is Sofia; other major cities are Plovdiv, Varna, and Burgas. ASKSSL It is a web hosting company that doubles up as an SSL certificate provider, to all clients. ASKSSL hosts their websites with them or elsewhere but still want to protect their customer details. SUPERHOSTING SuperHosting is the …


Iran also called Persia and officially the Islamic Republic of Iran furthermore is a country in Western Asia. ASKSSL SSL Certificate providers to Web hosting companies and individual website owners. AskSSL sells an SSL certificate in Iran. Check out some of the cheapest SSL certificate prices in Iran here. OURIRAN Secure Socket Layer Services is …

Average Cost of SSL Certificate – ssl certificate price comparison

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that contains the public key that is used to ensure that a website is secure. A website that contains an SSL certificate will have two features to indicate that it is secure: HTTPS and A padlock icon If you are in the market looking for an SSL certificate …

How much should an SSL certificate cost?

How much should an SSL certificate cost? SSL certificate is used to protect sensitive information such as credit numbers, usernames, passwords etc. sent over the internet. SSL ensures data relayed only reaches the intended receiver. SSL renders the information unintelligible format to everyone except the intended receiver or server and message will have no meaning …

How to Get Security Certificate for Website

These days getting a security certificate for your website is very easy. This is because you can even get this certificate for free. You however need to make sure that a few things are in order before acquiring this certificate. This security certificate is known as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate and it offers …

Most popular SSL certificates for Top Websites

This list is prepared with data from August 2019 from their study on top 1M websites globally Name Numbers Marketshare  SSL by Default 625,736 62.57  LetsEncrypt 309,900 30.99  Comodo SSL 142,069 14.21  Cloudflare SSL 141,272 14.13  Comodo PositiveSSL 138,473 13.85  DigiCert SSL 95,118 9.51  GoDaddy SSL 59,530 5.95  CPanel SSL 58,026 5.8  Sectigo SSL …

Most Popular SSL Certificate

Why Lets Encrypt is bound to be the Number 1 SSL Certificates Provider As at 4 August 2019, Let’s Encrypt: Had over 176m domains secured by Lets Encrypt Issuing an average of 1.3 Million SSL Certificates per day. Had 111m Active SSL Certificates. Watch Lets Encrypt live stats here: There is around 355 Million …

Let’s Encrypt is Free why do I need to buy an SSL Certificate.

This is a fair question, why would anyone spend money on a free service. Is there something that the free service does not provide..? Let’s Encrypt is the second  most popular SSL certificate as at August 2019, at least as per Builtwith Technology having detected over 20 million SSL using Lets Encrypt SSL certificates. We …


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