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What is Content-Security-Policy For WordPress? Everything You Need To Know

Content Security Policy (CSP) is an important security measure for any WordPress website. It helps protect against malicious activities such as cross-site scripting and data injection attacks.  CSP can be used to control the content sources allowed to load on a website, allowing only trusted sources.  This article will provide an overview of what Content Security Policy is, how it works, and how it can be implemented in WordPress.    What is Content-Security-Policy   Content-Security-Policy …

9 Best WordPress Plugins For Website Security

  According to stats compiled by Web Tribunal, there is an online hacker attack every 39 seconds, and 300,000 new malware are created each day.  Fortunately, there are wordpress plugins available that can help strengthen your website’s security. 1). Wordfence Security Wordfence Security is a top WordPress security plugin with over 4 million active installations and a 4.5 out of 5-star average rating.  This freemium tool scans your site for any malware and detects suspicious …

#9 Leading Cyber Security Companies For Small Businesses

Small businesses are increasingly becoming targets of cyberattacks, and they need to protect their data from malicious hackers.  A reliable cybersecurity solution is essential for any business – regardless of size or budget.  Fortunately, many companies offer cyber security services tailored specifically to small businesses.  In this article, we’ll be looking at leading cybersecurity companies for small businesses. #1) AppTrana (Vadodara) Indusface is a company that specializes in providing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions …

7 Best Security Software For Small Business

In the business world, security is a priority.  Small businesses should not underestimate the importance of protecting their data and information and should invest in the best security software available.  Whether you are looking for a comprehensive suite or a specialized program, there are many options for small businesses looking for quality security solutions.  In this article, we discuss 7 of the best security software for small businesses so you can select the one that …

7 Small Business Network Security Best Practices

Whether you are just starting a small business or have been running one for years, taking the necessary steps to protect your network from potential threats is vital.  Network security is an essential component of any successful business and there are several best practices that every small business should be aware of.  In this article, we will discuss seven small business network security best practices that will help ensure the security of your data and …

Why Security Should be Your Top Priority for E-Commerce Success

It has been reported that 54% of companies have at least experienced one or more successful security attacks. And a staggering 60% of companies which have received a security attack have died off or wiped out all business within six months.  These statistics are alarming and should motivate businesses to prioritize their security in order to ensure their long term success.  This article will explore why e-commerce companies should make security a priority, outlining the …

Who Is Responsible For Website Security?

Who is responsible for website security?  In this guide, we will explore the roles of stakeholders involved in building and maintaining a secure website, including web developers, hosting providers and end users.  By understanding these roles, it will become clear that everyone is responsible for ensuring that websites remain secure. The Owner When it comes to website security, the owner of a website is an integral part of keeping their site safe.  The owner has …

What Are Website Security Headers?

Websites are vulnerable to various cyber-attacks and malware that can wreak havoc on businesses and individuals.  Website Security Headers provide an additional layer of protection for websites, ensuring visitors to your site have a safe experience.  This article will explain what Website Security Headers are, how they work and why they are so important for online security.  We’ll also discuss the different types of headers available and how you can implement them on your website. …

How To Check Website Security Online For Free

Do you want to ensure that your website is secure and free of potential vulnerabilities that could cause problems in the future? If so, this blog post is for you.   Cyber attacks are a common occurrence these days, affecting many websites.  Recent studies show that 96% of all tested web applications have security flaws. 25% of these applications have XSS flaws, while 23% leak data.  The remaining 48% are vulnerable to website security issues …


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