Is SSL certificate important for SEO? [100% Solved]

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January 23, 2021
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Is SSL certificate important for SEO

Is SSL certificate important for SEO? 

SSL certificates have proven to be pivotal in the online system providing both security and trust. The role of these certificates is expanding and becoming the most essential input in online success.


Usually, most clients acquire certificates to guard against malicious attacks. Commercial website such as those that accept online payment needs a way for clients to verify the authenticity of the end party.  

To cater for this, certificate authorities provide different types of SSL certificates to meet this demand:

  1. Domain validation certificate
  2. Organization validation certificates 
  3. Extended validation certificate


Is SSL certificate important for SEO?

Search engine optimization is key to improving your site’s online presence. The search engine ranks the sites on a result of a given search keyword based on SEO score. 

There are many practices to improve your score to rank high on search engines (such as Google, Bing, or Baidu among others). 

The common practices include writing and publishing relevant content, use of alt tag attributes, regularly updating the content, use of meta-data among others.

The search engines apply different search algorithms to rank the sites. These algorithms are periodically updated to remove outdated score features or add new ones.

For instance, Google recently announced an update to its indexing system.

But is SSL certificate important for SEO? 

Yes, Google announced that sites with SSL certificates (HTTPS) will receive a higher boost in SEO rank over HTTP provided that other factors remain the same.  

SSL certificates will offer an extra SEO score and don’t expect to rocket your score from zero to the highest rank by just having the certificate only.

For instance, if two sites(HTTP and HTTPS)  contain the same score, an SSL installed site(HTTPS) will be ranked high by the Google search engine. 

The certificate, in this case, acts as a tiebreaker.



The article outlines the significance of SSL certificates beyond security.  

SSL certificate is a standard security practice that every site should eye to. Also, the certificates are becoming valuable and google is taking a great step to encourage a safer Internet by giving an SEO ranking boost for sites using SSL.

If you are wondering if SSL certificate important for SEO, then you need to get you to site a certificate to take advantage of this new boost.

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