October 11, 2019
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October 12, 2019


In this article we shall broaden on the issuing SSL certificate authorities in the nation of Oman. Details of the certificates together with the pricings will also be provided to allow you our reader to have the complete comprehension of the best companies to liaise with when in purchase of the SSL certificate for a business based in the nation of Oman.


The AskSSL Company is a very renowned company that provides the SSL certificates in the nation of Oman. They provide the SSL certificates at very cheap prices that have proved quite affordable to all customers. Below is a small display of the certificates that they offer.

SSL certificate Warranty Issuance time Price
Comodo code signing   2 days $82.60
Certum Basic ID $100 minutes $6.93
Positive SSL EV $1,000,000 5 days $99.00
Comodo positiveSSL Wildcard 2 days $82.60
Certum basic ID $100 minutes $6.93
PositiveSSL EV $1,000,000 5 days $99.00
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard $50,000 minutes $99.00
AskSSL Wildcard SSL $10,000 minutes $49.00
Comodo SSL $54.60 minutes $54.60
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium $500,000 minutes $67.20
Thawte SSL 123 $500,000 1 day $33.60
AskSSL StarterSSL $100,000 minutes $3.99
RapidSSL $10,000 minutes $12.60


You can click on the link below to get more information on the certificates that they offer:


This company offers the SSL certificates in the nations of Oman and Qatar. They offer the certificates at quite affordable prices. Use the link below to access their site of which they offer free quotes on some of the certificates that they offer: › product › ssl-certificates


This is an SSL providing company in Oman that is also very renowned for good services and affordable prices. Check out the SSL certificates that they offer using the link below. › ssl-certificate


The Oman telecommunications company has very good support to all their consumers and very great authentication process. To get to know about the certificates they offer together with more about the company you can use the link below to access their site. › product › ssl-certificates


With the above companies you will be able to access the best SSL certificate providers in the nation of Oman.

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