Top 8 SSL Certificates Providers in India

SSL Certificates in New Zealand
SSL Certificates in New Zealand
September 7, 2019
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September 15, 2019
Top 8 SSL Certificate Provider

India is one of the most competitive market for web services. SSL certificates in India are provided by hundreds of companies. Competition has provided end users with the cheapest SSL certificates prices in Asia.

We profile the Top SSL Certificates Providers + their cheapest SSL Certificate


  1. AskSSL (

Cheap SSL Certificates for the businesses in India. AskSSL starter is the cheapest SSL certificate at AskSSL which goes for 1 rupee per day or Rs. 290/yr.

This is one of the cheapest SSL certificate in India.


2. The SSLStore India (

Provides competitive prices for SSL certificates, Positive SSL is the cheapest SSL certificate at 475 Rupee per year.


3. Comodo SSL Store (

This is another Rapid Web Services company specializing with Comodo SSL Certificates, cheapest SSL is Postive SSL DV going for 521 Rupees.


4. Adweb Technologies (

One of top local technology company in India providing SSL certificates to the finance and corporate sector in Mumbai, India.Cheapest SSL certificate is the Sectigo Positive SSL at $15 /year.


5. Fast Web Host (

A webhosting company Born in California,raised in Hyderabad,India since 2008 according to their website. Provides cheap SSL certificates Cheapest SSL certificate by Fast Web Host is Comodo SSL DV at Rs.899


6. Web Security Solutions (

America based SSL certificate provider with a dedicated website for India, cheapest SSL certificate at is Comodo Positive SSL at Rs.572 /Year if you are taking it on 1 year.


7. Godaddy (

In addition to webhosting and domain, Godaddy provides SSL certificates to businesses in India. The cheapest SSL certificate cost $5.34 or Rs.390.


8. Comodo Group (

American web security company providing Comodo branded SSL Certificates in India. The cheapest SSL by Comodo India is Positive SSL at Rs. 2750. Its is expensive as Comodo Group serve resellers and enterprise clients.



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