Top 7 SSL certificates for best Websites in 2019

Lets Encrypt & Premium SSL
Most popular SSL certificates for Top Websites
August 8, 2019
Lets Encrypt
Is commercial SSL better than Lets Encrypt?
August 8, 2019
lets encypt vs other ssl

lets encypt vs other ssl

Based on data collected through on the top 1 million websites. Lets Encrypt cam e in 2nd and Cloudflare SSL came third.

An indication there is growing adoption of free SSL certificates among the top websites or the best websites in the world as per Alexa Rank.

  1. SSL by Default
  2. LetsEncrypt
  3. Comodo SSL
  4. Cloudflare SSL
  5. Comodo PositiveSSL
  6. DigiCert SSL
  7. GoDaddy SSL
Name Number of Websites Market share %
 SSL by Default 625,736 62.57
 LetsEncrypt 309,900 30.99
 Comodo SSL 142,069 14.21
 Cloudflare SSL 141,272 14.13
 Comodo PositiveSSL 138,473 13.85
 DigiCert SSL 95,118 9.51
 GoDaddy SSL 59,530 5.95
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