Limitations of Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate
What Lets Encrypt SSL cannot do?
August 8, 2019
What is SSL, TLS, SSL/TLS – SSL vs TLS
August 8, 2019
top 3 ssl certificates

top 3 ssl certificates

The top 4 Free SSL Certificates in the World provide SSL Certificates to more than 50 percent Websites in the World. These SSL Certificates are also the most popular SSL certificates for WordPress Websites.Lets Encrypt is the most popular SSL Certificate in the World.

  1. Let’s Encrypt SSL
  2. Comodo SSL
  3. Cloudflare SSL

Let’s Encrypt

Free SSL Certificate issued to anyone via https:  //  website. Let’s Encrypt works with most of the hosts and most host and cloud companies have automated the issue and installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate in their platforms.

Let’s encrypt accounts for almost half of all active SSL Certificates as at August 2019.

Comodo SSL

Comodo SSL refers to a domain validated SSL certificate issued by Comodo CA. It is the most popular commercial SSL Certificate. Comodo SSL is popular for:

  • value of money,
  • Easy of Validation – its instant
  • Powerful brand – Comodo is known for Cyber security.

Cloudflare SSL

It’s a free SSL provided by Cloudflare to its traffic and therefore to use Cloudflare SSL you need to have access to your DNS. Installation require a DNS validation or pointing your DNS to Cloudflare. Cloudflare have stated they encrypt over 400 Billion request in a day.

A top SSL Certificate provider, provides Free SSL Certificates from Top SSL Certificates CA including Sectigo (Comodo), GeoTrust, Symantec, GlobalSign, Digicert, RapidSSl, GoGetSSL, Entrust Datacard, Certum among other.

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