Free Website, Free Domain Name & SSL Certificate
Free Website, Free Domain Name & SSL Certificate
August 31, 2020
Can SSL Certificate Be Used On Multiple Domains
Can SSL Certificate Be Used On Multiple Domains
December 9, 2020
OLITT is for hustlers, startups, founders, app developers, managers and business owners looking to launch a website or an online store without spending a penny.

When in need of a stunning website but you do not have a budget to pay a web designer, no time to learn how to code Olitt is your obvious choice. This is the only website builder platform that offers free website plan that include custom domain connect feature.

Olitt provides a straightforward process of creating cool websites, launching the websites online, connecting the websites with custom domain names while automatically activating a free Let’s encrypt SSL and a CDN.

Olitt does not require users to know either what a code editor is, or what a programming language is; it a website builder platform that guarantees a zero coding experience to the users.

Hosting a website on Olitt is equally simple, no Cpanel, file manager, FTP, SSH and other shenanigans just a publish button and the website is live. Connecting to a custom domain name is provided through 3 simple steps

  1. Input the custom domain name
  2. Add A record and CNAME to your domain name
  3. Click Connect Button (to go live with a custom domain name.)

As soon as you click connect and the status changes to connected, your website will be live and will be accessible from your custom domains. Kindly note some domain names require DNS propagation and there DNS records might take longer to update. Domains that require propagation are mainly country level domains such as, .ng, .gh, e.t.c

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