How to Reduce Bounce Rates on the Website According to AskSSL

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August 8, 2019
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August 8, 2019
web bounce rate

web bounce rate

The answer present a rare and one-dimensional perspective. The obvious reasons could be:

  • The site took too long to load,
  • Customer did not like first impression,
  • Customers were not convinced and so they changed their mind

If you have worked on the above, then consider Askssl solution

  • Probably the customer felt insecure

Do you have an SSL Certificate?  If no, the customer might have spotted the ‘insecure’ browser warning and taken heed.

Are you using a Free SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt, Cpanel, Cloudflare, e.t.c – the customer may have checked and confirmed you do not care much about his or her data security and fled.

Solution: Invest in a commercial SSL certificate – We recommend OV or EV SSL for ecommerce businesses.

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