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[Answered] Top 5 Providers Where To Buy SSL certificate

Last updated on February 24th, 2021 at 06:10 am

Having a website and wondering where to buy SSL certificate? This article covers all major topics around SSL. The topics include what they are used for, how they work, and wrap with the best providers to acquire an SSL for your website.

What’s an SSL?

Secure socket layer certificate (SSL) is a data file that binds a cryptographic key to organization details and When you install it in a web server, it activates the HTTPS protocol.

Also, this ensures a secure connection between your browser and the server.

Why do you need an SSL?

Before worrying about where to buy the SSL, it’s vital to understand why you need it in the first place.

The primary goal of an SSL is to secure your sensitive information sent on a network. The examples of this information include persona identifiable information, credit card numbers, password,s etc.

SSL (TLS) deter attacks such as man-in-the-middle attacks, spoofing, falsifications among others.

Also, some client application cancels connections to insecure websites or prompt user for action in the insecure channel.

What do you think clients will do when they see a message like this? as you guessed…quit using your site.

site showing insecure warning without SSL certificate

You will lose clients for something you can fix with a small investment.

Here is how a secure website displays when you click a padlock icon on the top left of your google chrome.

website showing secure warning with an SSL certificate

These are the reasons you need the SSL certificate

How does SSL work?

A certificate authority or certification authority is a third party that issues the digital signatures. It’s a trusted party (by relying parties) that issues the certificate.

Also, the clients connect to the server using SSL port and the server sends its private key.

Upon receiving the key, the browser verifies if it has expired or it’s signed by a trusted CA (CA are members of CA/browser forums). If the browser decides it’s Ok it proceeds by sending its public key which the server uses to encrypt the message

Types of SSL

  1. Domain validate (DV)

This SSL is verified against the domain registry without identifying organization information. Also, DV certificates are the cheapest certificate.

  1. Organization validated (OV).

They offer strict authentication and contain valid and specific information to an organization and is widely used for commercial websites.

  1.  Extended Validated certificate (EV).

EV certificate verifies the entity as a legal entity that controls the site and big companies widely use it.

Where to buy SSL certificate

Below I discuss some of the popular SSL providers you can acquire


It’s the established name in internet security trusted with 99.9 % of the browsers.

Key features

There are some of the key features offered by the provider:

  1. Compatible with all popular browsers
  2. Unlimited server licensing
  3. 24/7 support
  4. Unlimited re-issuance
  5. 30-day money-back guarantee
  6. Strongest SHA2 and Ecc encryption algorithm
comodo ssl prices


GeoTrust is a highly trusted brand in SSL issuance.

Key features

The features offered include:

  1. a 256-bit encryption key
  2. it has an SSL management console
  3. offers Up to 24 Subject alternative name and can secure different domains or subdomains
  4. Up to a 6-year plan
geotrust ssl prices

AskSSL is where to buy SSL certificate. It is a highly reckoned SSL provider with both free and premium. It offers excellent services and more features that clients find it more important. They excel thanks to their affordable prices and high reliability.

Key features

Below are some of the key features offered by askSSl.

  1. it offers both free and premium plans
  2. Shorter issuance time of fewer than 3 minutes
  3. AskSSl offers a 15-day money-back policy
  4. It has strong encryption keys
  5. more affordable prices
askssl ssl prices


Key features

Below are some of the key features.

  1. offers Thawte trust site seals.
  2. It contains a Free tool to help you install the certificate.
  3. uses 256-bit key encryption strength.
  4. It is highly compatible with over 99%
  5. Has a 30-day money-back guarantee
  6. allows Free certificate reissues
thwate trust site ssl certificate pricings


They specializing in proving low-cost and free SSL to clients.

 Features offered

  1.  it uses 128 /256 encryption
  2. It has unlimited server licenses at no extra cost
  3. and has a full domain validation method.

Other SSL certificate providers include Namecheap, DigiCert, GoDaddy, among other


The cost of this SSL varies among the SSL providers. This is as a result of discounts, features or depending on the discounts and packages they offer.

Also, Some cheap SSL providers may not be ideal to purchase from as they may lack required browser compatibility or may not provide the required trust.

Also, for online security best practices it’s standard to install SSL. This is to carter against intruders and other malicious individuals. The attackers always take advantage of a vulnerable network to exploit.

Hence, Keeping your system safe upholds your reputation to clients. Wondering what type of SSL to buy? Read this guide.


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