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Master OpenSSL Commands for Certificate and Key Management

OpenSSL is the power user’s toolkit for all things SSL/TLS, cryptography, and X.509 certificates. It’s a staple for developers, system administrators, and security professionals working across various operating systems. Let’s explore some of the most common and useful OpenSSL commands. Certificate Management Key Management Conversions More OpenSSL Functionality Let’s delve into a few practical examples …

How to Check SSL Certificate Expiration Date in Windows Command Line

SSL/TLS certificates underpin secure web browsing and data transfers, but it’s crucial to keep track of their expiration dates. Windows offers a few ways to check this information directly from the command line. Here’s a breakdown of the methods: 1. Using the ‘certutil’ Command The certutil command-line utility is designed for managing certificates in Windows. …

Shell Scripting for Proactive Certificate Expiration Monitoring

Manually checking certificate expiration dates across multiple servers is tedious and prone to human error. Shell scripts come to the rescue, automating the process and providing an efficient way to stay ahead of potential security issues. Let’s learn how to build a shell script for this purpose. Prerequisites Sample Shell Script Bash Explanation How to …

How to Check SSL Certificate Expiration Date in Ubuntu

Ubuntu, like other Linux distributions, relies on SSL/TLS certificates for secure website connections, applications, and data transfers. Understanding how to check SSL certificate expiration dates in Ubuntu is essential to proactively prevent security risks and maintain the trust of your users. Let’s delve into the straightforward and effective methods at your disposal. 1. The Multi-Purpose …

How to Check SSL Certificate Expiration Date in Linux

SSL/TLS certificates are the backbone of secure online communication, but they don’t last forever. Knowing how to check SSL certificate expiration dates in Linux is a crucial part of maintaining reliable, trustworthy systems. Let’s dive into the methods you can use. Why is Checking Expiration Important? Techniques for Checking Expiration Dates 1. The OpenSSL Command …

Guide To Check Certificate Expiration Dates with OpenSSL

OpenSSL is a remarkably powerful toolkit for a wide range of cryptographic tasks on Linux, macOS, and other operating systems. One of its core functionalities is the ability to inspect and manipulate X.509 certificates. This includes the essential task of determining when a certificate will expire with the command openssl check certificate expiration. Why Expiration …

How to Check PEM Certificate Expiration Date in Linux

PEM (Privacy-Enhanced Mail) is a common format for storing and transmitting cryptographic certificates and keys. Knowing how to check PEM certificate expiration dates in Linux is crucial for ensuring your systems remain secure and to avoid service disruptions due to expired certificates. Let’s delve into the straightforward methods for retrieving this essential information. Understanding PEM …

Namecheap SSL converter Guide

Managing SSL/TLS certificates across various platforms and applications can involve switching between certificate formats. This is where the Namecheap SSL converter comes in, offering a convenient web-based tool to simplify the process. Let’s explore in detail what the Namecheap SSL converter does, why you might need it, and how to get started. What is the …

Can You Really Convert CER to PFX Without a Private Key?

Can You Really Convert CER to PFX Without a Private Key? When working with digital certificates, you’ll often encounter CER and PFX file formats. Understanding their functions and how to convert between them is crucial, but what if you need to convert CER to PFX without a private key? Let’s explore why this is a …